Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Third Release Blog

What I propose to do
This is the continuation of an UI update request by @humphd on issue mozilla/brackets#607. I will be implementing a new feature that display icon that shows whenever a user is not logged into his thimble account and its document are saved locally to the browser.
Steps to Reproduce
User must be logged out
User makes changes and wait for 5 seconds
User jumps through files
Expected behavior.
I want the user to be prompt whenever a save occur.
Actual behavior.
Nothing is displayed when the document is changed of user moves between files.
Instrument and Methodologies
I will be using Firefox and google Chrome browsers to guarantee cross-browser.
I will be using Visual studio Code to ensure that my indentation is compatible with what the development team requires.

 Initial challenges:
   The biggest challenge I had on my third release was that now I was on my own. I had to prove myself that I had learned Professor David`s lessons on how to deal with a situation where you might not be too comfortable with the code that you have to work.

   I reached to the Thimble community and for my luck, I met this guy Simon in my classroom who had dealt with a similar problem and he gladly shows me his implementation of the code.

First Solution:
My fist solution was easy. I simply modified the user view to prompt the user when the code was saved or the code was saving. That was not enough to please the reviewer since it was all hard coded in English and they explained me that thimble is  been used by people around the world in many languages.

Second Solution:
The reviewers asked me to use the localizing strings to make the implementation reusable.
I did so by modifying the files:, bramble-ui-bridge.js and userbar.html,

See my pull request:

Finally David ask Gideon Thomas to step forward and review the code since he is an expert on the localization methodology.

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