Friday, 21 April 2017

Open Source Tooling and Automation Part 2

What I did:

For this lab, I added the unit test to my code logic. The unit test is a method of checking if the code will survive different inputs to make your code more robust and full proof.

What I learned:

Doing this lab I learned how to properly set a unit test to check my code for possible bugs and weaknesses. I also learned that unity test is a very reliable way of somewhat create some documentations of your code since people can go and look what your code has already gone trough.

What I considered interesting and Difficult:

It is very interesting the fact that we can create our own set of tests. I understand that this lab was elaborated to introduce us the idea of unit testing and I think that made a really good impression on me. The difficulty was to wrap my mind around all this abstract idea of files relating to each other and we begin able to control input on our functions via another file.

A unit test was not a new concept for me since I had done some JUnit testing back when I was learning java. Back there I imagined that such a thing was only possible to be done in java using the Eclipse IDE and I was, as many other times, proven wrong.

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