Thursday, 20 April 2017

Fourth Release

Brackets URL Hints doesn't list folders

Initial Challenges:  
To do this implementation to Thimble again I had to go back to brackets code and adjust it. This time I would be by my own and it took some time before I figure out what was I supposed to do exactly until I found the code that did the normal implementation by looking for images on the main directory and allowing the possibility to the user to use his webcam as well.

Approaching the Solution:
I started to try to break the code to understand its work flow and it actually helped me a lot.

Than I found This peace of code whit an very interesting comment:

I started my implementation by creating an method that would recursively get all files that exist in all the directories that exist on the main directory and it would insert the file name as a string into the array. 

This Fourth release was the hardest I had to do so far. As of now I have not manage to finish it properly. But I am convinced that soon it will be fully implemented!

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