Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Second Release Blog

Well my implementation looked easy at first moment, but it proven to be a little bit more challenging than I thought.

I proposed on Issue #607 to prompt the logged out user if their files changes had been changed or if the file was already saved.

I discuss the first ideas with professor David and he guided me through out the logic behind Brackets saving files locally to the users browser. He showed me the file main.js had the logic hat whenever file was considered dirty it will wait five seconds before save it or immediately if the user jump between files.

Later after a few other ideas exchange inside the issue page professor David trying to make the problem more understandable he told me to look for how other developer had approached events that happened between brackets/bramble and Thimble.

That made the code much easier to navigate and understand, I was able to implement a few lines of code, but I could not test it since I was unable to create the path reference between the files which hold the logic.

Finlay after much struggle I had to look for professor's help again since I could not figure out how to create a variable with the path to the file and finally test my changes.

It was very challenging and I learned a lot about JavaScript and even more how to rely on the community and other people that are willing to help me understand complicated code.

Right now the initial idea is partially implemented, but I will create another issue this time on Thimble repository and use the second part as my release #0.3.


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